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 Site sur la médecine au Moyen Age

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MessageSujet: Site sur la médecine au Moyen Age   Lun 7 Oct - 21:05

Une mine d'or!

au "menu":
Research into medicine in the Middle Ages was my first interest in the SCA, although you'd never know it from the amount of bandwidth it has on my website. Somehow it has taken a back seat to my Russian research for several years. But no more! (Well, maybe.)

My Writings:

Medieval Medical Regimen - what the informed period lay-person probably knew about staying healthy. 6/07

13th and 14th Century Medical Physics - the scientific foundation of medieval medicine.
13th-14th Century Medieval Medical Training and Texts - a crude overview.

Medieval Military Medicine. 6/07
Selected Medieval Medical References. 6/07

Medieval Russian Medicine - another overview.

Primary Sources:

Works by Galen - okay, they only have one but...
Ancient Medical E-texts from Medicina Antiqua - Hippocrates and Galen.
Avicenna's Canon of Medicine: a precise
The Canon of Avicenna - facsimile of Arabic text.
Unani Medicine - a medical tradition descended from the medicine of Avicenna.
The Aberdeen Bestiary - includes an extensive entry on human physiology.
Medical Miscellany - a "full" facsimile on-line at Schoenberg.
Gutun Owain Manuscript - a Welsh Medical Miscellany.
Tacuinum Sanitatis - excerpts from several manuscripts at Gode Cookery.
Macer Floridus' De viribus herbarum - facsimile of 1489 text.
Regimen sanitatis Salerni, 1535
Culpeper's The English Physitian - 1652
Culpeper's Complete Herbal
History of Pharmacy: Digital Books and Image Collections
Images from the History of Medicine from the National Library of Medicine.
Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts - the British Library.
The Hudson-Dawe Dial - an astronomical volvelle.


Jadwiga's Herb Page by Metressa Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.
Macer Floridus' De viribus herbarum - facsimile of 1489 text.
Culpeper's Complete Herbal
Ethnomedica - researching British Herbal Tradition.
Commonly Used Medicinal Plants - from Mostly Medieval, a site which has suffered from some partial remodeling.
Henriette's Classic Herbal Texts - the name says it all.
An Ancient Slavic Herbal - I don't know how reliable this site is.

On Urines:

1364 English Urine Wheel
1506 German Urine Chart from the Library of Congress Webpage
The Seynge of Urynes - period text about urine interpretation.
Copenhagen Poster about Urine Wheels
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Site sur la médecine au Moyen Age
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